Nevermind, tier10 confirmed (and yes, a dress)

Top of the fold update: Blizz fixed the page. Originally they had what will probably be our s8 set up as t10. They’ve since corrected it.

Now what we have is just what we saw from mmo-champ, and the dress is confirmed as well.

Sigh, looks like another tier of offset legguards for me. (Not a huge loss considering how awesome those crafted pants looked.)

Video of t10 on a Belf

This makes me want this set all the more. Sans dress, of course, no matter how unlikely that is.

And how awesome is that shield, tilted diagonally on the back?


Paladin t10 revealed

I’m not going to ninja mmo-champ’s picture, but nonetheless, it’s kinda badass. I’m a fan. Especially of the whole “knight” vibe to it.

I’m hoping that pink part of the helmet isn’t textured correctly yet. Looks out of place.

Gets my thumbs up.

Edit/Update: I’m hoping this is the color/version that gets used in the end.

There’s a version floating around with a dress. I hope Blizz isn’t serious.

Bring back grinding for your tier

And I don’t mean farming heroics for badges.

It’s obvious that Blizzard wants to move away from the overused model of hoping your tier token drops and turning it in for an item at some vendor. The first step back from this was in Coliseum with tier being farmable by anyone for badges, and a more premier version of the tier being obtainable in conjunction with a Trophy.

Now Blizz, it’s time to go the next step and make getting tier truly different from normal item drops.

Stick with me here. We know that the T10 sets are themed to look like Scourge minions. Well, how about to get the pieces we have assemble them, in order to create a sort of “disguise” (though without any practical effects like that) that would allow us in terms of lore to slip into Icecrown. Much like T9 were military uniforms for a united Argent Front, T10 is the uniform of the strike teams that are working their way through Arthas’ hometurf.

Now, let’s say an item drops like “Carapace of the Nerubian Crusader” or “Sundered Breastplate of the Vargul” that the tooltip reveals should be a chest piece. You take the item to an Ashen Verdict Quartermaster who tells you that in order to “repair” the item you need to bring him a set number of quest items that drop from Scourge similar to the item you’re trying to make, along with various other materials (some of which would have to be acquired from crafters).

Then–why not?–it needs to be reforged at some particular spot in a raid instance. Maybe give some use again to that named anvil in the military quarter in Naxx. We have to go back there every so often for weekly raid quests, so it wouldn’t be such a pain.

Once that’s all done you get your fresh new tier piece. And, because you have to put so much work into creating it, they would all be 6 iLevels better than their non-tier equivalents.

Probably a stupid idea, but I think it would add a small degree of complexity to a very dumbed-down process for acquiring what should be our best gear. It wouldn’t kill WoW to bring back a little grindyness.