Making Neck Deep in Vile less of a pain in the neck

Wednesday night was declared “the last night we were doing this achievements BS ever again” by yours truly. 22 or so of the raid core has their drakes and four were on deck to wrap up their metas that night. We have another two that need to wrap up some earlier achievements like Boned and I’m On a Boat, but those won’t delay our starting our “victory lap” attempts on the Lich King’s hardmode like All You Can Eat or Neck Deep will.

Anyway, we’ve been trouble with that achievement for a few weeks now, because our raids tend to run really melee heavy. Most guilds might have two or three warlocks or shadow priests. We have one warlock and one shadow priest (with one healer that can offspec as a spriest) to cover those two. Combine this with the AOE nerf that hit a lot of classes and we were going to have to scrape our way to victory. Finally we pulled it off last week, scoring the achievement and the drakes for a good swath of the core.

Sidenote that will be pertinent in a moment: Towards the end of the night, Zilga (the healer with the shadow offspec) came on, and I asked a melee to volunteer to step out so we could bring another ranged dps in. As soon as I finished talking, Antigen whispered me to offer up his spot.

In preparation for round two against the Vile Spirits this week I followed up on some tips given to me via comment and twitter that suggested it’s much easier to do the achievement by having your ranged stay on the LK during the second transition. Pop bloodlust and let them go to town while at max distance. Then, when you hit phase 3 you’ll have that much less time you need to deal with the Vile Spirits.

In our case, we entered P3 with two Raging Spirits up (though one was near death) and the Lich King at 22%. We finished off the Raging Spirits, then when Vile Spirits spawned, melee followed the Lich King and I to the opposite edge for some quality time while the ranged went through the motions of downing the spirits.

Another helpful tip I picked up in my belated research was that a DK’s Army of the Dead is godly for the Vile Spirits. Once the LK is far enough away, one of the DKs would pop armies . Ghouls would taunt the spirits and assist with dps and (best of all!) the Vile Spirits would not explode upon contact with them. As a result you have the whole lot of them basically rooted for the ranged to pick off without too much trouble.

We only had one spawn of Vile Spirits. When the LK threw up the second batch on the edge I dragged him to he was at 12% health and we burnt him down to Fury of Frostmourne before the spirits could descend. All told we finished the fight with a new record of just under 4 minutes.

Of course, when Fury of the Frostmourne hit, Antigen was disconnected. Not a big deal, I thought, we’d wait for him to log back in before we actually killed the Lich King. We did the same on our first LK kill months ago when Falowin disconnected during Fury, this wouldn’t be a big deal.

Unfortunately, when Antigen logged back in his corpse was at the entrance of the dungeon. And despite my hopes, when we finished off Arthas, he didn’t get credit for the achievement.

Considering he stepped out last week so the raid could wrap up the achievement, this injustice was not going to stand.

I don’t want to steal too much thunder from the eventual post Antigen will do detailing the nonsense that followed, but suffice it to say, Antigen got credit for the achievement. And then later credit for the meta as well since Glory of the Icecrown Raider didn’t recognize that everything was then done.

25 support tickets and about two hours later, everything went better than expected.

3 Comments to “Making Neck Deep in Vile less of a pain in the neck”

  1. WockaDB 5 November 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    I completely feel for Antigen. I don’t like how WoW basically operates under the assumption of perfect internet connections, and zero server errors all the time. Little thought is put into lag, disconnections, or other normal delays in internet traffic. We’ve had similar situations happen on simple things like weekly raids- Ulduar has been especially bad for us in this regard. Start fighting Flame Lev, get DC’d, log back in to find yourself at the door and having rockets being fired at you, too far away to get credit for the kill, but get saved anyway. I realize this isn’t easy to fix, but it feels like the issue is completely ignored.

  2. Anafielle
    5 November 2010 at 2:34 pm #

    People disconnect all the time on LK. It’s not a huge deal as long as they get back in. The pertinent issue for me was that he was disconnected and *respawned at the entrance* with the goddamn Fury of Frostmourne debuff!!

    Blizz has been having serious issues with raid IDs now that they’ve implemented this new system. People get trapped in the wrong ID all the time mid-raid after a disconnect, and we weren’t able to summon a single person last week. I know patches have their rough spots, but this one’s a bit nasty. At least they resolved the achievement issue on the same night. Hopefully the raid ID issues will decrease as they work the kinks of the new system out.

    …… eventually. The rest of us who put in tickets got nice GMs, but Antigen got an idiot. Of course, he will post about it! :)

  3. Meloree 5 November 2010 at 6:22 pm #

    I remember when GMs used to refuse to do anything about achievements. People who DC’d in Naxx or Ulduar and missed out on achievements were SOL. Glad they recanted that position. We had a couple of people who were involved in almost all the progression on H-LK, they’d been with us for 7 weeks when we got the kill, and they didn’t get the feat of strength. The GMs awarded it to them, after some cajoling.