Icing the Frost Queen

I’m still in shock we pulled this off. I mean, not completely, I did know it was going to happen. Mathematics demanded a kill, and we gladly complied. Still, it’s a pretty big deal for the guild that all our hard work paid off. I could not be more proud of our raiders, this was a kill we all needed to keep the faith.

We started the week with a rough patch, to say the least. Tuesday was… brutal… and we’ll leave it at that. So Wednesday we had something of a chip on our shoulders that demanded satisfaction. We buckled down and righted all the wrongs that held us back on Tuesday and still managed to get to Sindragosa with the usual 2 hours left in raid. Our game faces on, we got to work.

The first attempt was ok. We had a flawless first air phase, then a disastrous second. The second attempt we did immaculately until the third air phase, then the attempt collapsed. Shaking the rust off, as we say.

Subsequent attempts were so-so, generally requiring battle rezzes to be used in air phases, which was killing me. At least at this point we were hitting phase 3.

Finally after another attempt where the same mage (who I don’t often bring, but was dragging along as an Unchained Magic human shield) died for the umpteenth time to a Frost Bomb, I removed him from raid–something I should had done attempts ago–and brought in a newly recruited shadow priest.

Around this point we also imposed some pretty severe discipline onto vent. Basically, the rule became in phase 3: no talking unless it’s a healer announcement, a tank swap, or something life threatening. Everyone else just focus and lock it down. I think this was a huge key to our success.

The next attempt we got the fight to 7%. It was going fantastically, but Ana was cut off from heals momentarily and died, and then I went to pick it up but was eventually rocking way too much buffet stacks. Still, everyone was filled with hope. There was not a single air phase death that attempt. There was even a great raid awareness moment where a block got dropped the opposite way from where we were taking them, and everyone got out of the way, and then we kept the correct direction going afterwards. All in all, the mojo seemed to be back.

So we lined up again, and after a quick stupid wipe, we did what was destined to be the money shot. Air phases were nearly perfect, we had one death because someone was DC’d, but we kept going. Phase 3 starts and I get to work. Ana and I swap like clockwork, blocks go down with expert precision, healers are calling out roles and switches through vent without interruption. Finally we hit the single digits and it’s just gogogo time.

The enrage timer was ticking down, leaving us about a minute at that point. Everyone just pushed it as hard at they could and as I watched Sindy’s health slowly tick away from 3%, to numbers I never dreamed could lie beyond that. The “holy bleep” moment of “this is going to die” hit me in a euphoric wave, and then the Frost Queen crashed over dead and coughed up her purples.

I scored the 277 token from her for a hefty, hefty amount. Worth it nonetheless. Everyone was elated, and for some reason we rode that high over to heroic Putricide just to throw in some faux-attempts and get some idea of the mechanics of the fight.

Obviously we didn’t get very far. This is indeed our next dragon to slay, so to speak. I look forward to our coming weeks together, Putricide.

Oh, and as a humorous sidenote: remember how I said I was going to start rolling for Abom Duty? Well, prior to the first pull Ana, Nordic, and I rolled off for the right of riding the Abom. Nordic always wins, and I thought I finally had him when he rolled an 11. I then rolled a 6. Ok, well, Ana could be our last hope, right? Wrong. She also rolled a 6!

Curse you Nordicslayer.

Nonetheless, with five minutes left in raid we swapped it over to normal mode and quickly did the achievement in preparation for our eventual drakes scramble.

Great raid night overall, and a fantastic end to an ignominiously beginning week.

5 Comments to “Icing the Frost Queen”

  1. Antigen
    2 September 2010 at 2:17 pm #

    “I scored the 277 token from her for a hefty, hefty amount.”

    I made sure of it.

    Putricide should be a nice change of pace from Sindragosa. But now the question becomes: Do I save my DKP for heroic TAJ or just get the next tier token? Decisions…

    • Rhidach
      2 September 2010 at 2:21 pm #

      I need you to bid under Ana and bleed her completely (so I can get the first Heroic Last Word). Take one for the team!

      • Vili 2 September 2010 at 3:18 pm #

        Rhi, you also forgot when we switch to normal and you guys rerolled for Abom…Nordic took you up and rolled a 59, to your 54, and Ana’s like 48 or something. As Sheepin said as I told him last night, some things are just destined lol.

        Oh and as always…I blame you for the wipes and cheer my bloodlust macro for the kill.

    • Rilgon Arcsinh
      2 September 2010 at 3:18 pm #

      Assuming you’re a Ret Paladin, Heroic Tiny Abom. (Assuming you don’t have normal Tiny Abom). That thing is so batshit powerful…
      Rilgon Arcsinh’s last blog ..It’s Like I’m Prescient! My ComLuv Profile

      • Antigen
        2 September 2010 at 4:48 pm #

        I am a ret paladin, and I do have the normal TAJ…

        Guess I should fire up ye olde Rawr!
        Antigen’s last blog ..Her Just Desserts Were Actually Double Helpings of Death My ComLuv Profile