The game is afoot… race

Unlike the last game, last night’s actually lasted a decent amount of time and was (at least for me) much more fun.

We did this concept before, everyone rolls a level 1 and then races from one point to the other on foot, with deaths a plenty just about every mob over level 10. Last time we did Orgrimmar to Everlook; last night we did a track I thought would be much more ambitious, Silvermoon to the Dark Portal (by way of the Tirisfal zep).

Starting at the gates of Silvermoon in a huge naked pile, the gun first and we all broke for it.

Eversong, as you can imagine, was little trouble. I’ve leveled through the zone many times and knew the danger spots. I cross the Dead Scar at the north end than dodged down the road into the halfway point and crossed east towards the scar, and then down into the Ghostlands.

Ghostlands was pretty breezy, with only one rough spot at the beginning that was promptly cleared for me by the pack leaders who were torn apart by lynxes.

Towards the end of Ghostlands I was chasing Antigen, and then took a screenshot of my pursuit. I didn’t realize screenshotting made you stop running momentarily, so I had to shelve that after it cost me a chance at passing him.

We soon passed into EPL, which was definitely the hardest zone of the race. It wasn’t just the mob levels (though that did result in bats flying from across the zone to eat our faces), it was that there was no clear way to pass into WPL without crossing through huge groups of mobs. I elected to go south down the road and then cut southwest along the mountains, north of the Infectis Scar, rather than follow the road and go through Corin’s Crossing.

That was a huge miscalculation and cost me any chance at a win, I suspect. The graveyard was way too far away to make corpse hopping viable.

At this point the leaders for the rest of the game were established, and those that fell behind terminally quickly settled into a perma-bottom place. Poor Falowin tried to cross the mountains at some indeterminate point and ended up spending most of the race in EPL.

Eventually I squeezed my way out of EPL, probably in 7th place, and started making my way through WPL. The West was all about following the road and then corpse hopping past choke points where mobs were parked on either side of a road. There was a bear pincer moment, a spider pincer, and one point where you pass a field with caster skeletons on your right and a spider on your left. No way out there.

I think I ended up gaining time in WPL, because once I crossed into Tirisfal I started seeing people again.

I barely made the zeppelin, and the entire time I dashed up the tower I could hear Vili (already on the boat) shouting “GO ZEP GO, LET’S GO!” To his consternation I disembarked with the rest of them to STV.

Heading north through STV wasn’t terrible, though somehow I fell far behind Vili, but ended up ahead of Antigen. Either way, a few tigers later and I was cruising into Duskwood, land of the roaming soldiers. The only make up for the annoyance of all the mobs camping the road was how close graveyards were to each other.

You could tell we were in the final phase of the race at this point. The leaders were passing through Swamp of Sorrows while myself and the two immediately behind me were barely entering Deadwind Pass. The next two zones (Deadwind and the Swamp) were amazingly easy, not a mob in sight. Well, I got chased by a crocodile at one point, but I easily outran him.

Eventually Cendra took the win and crossed the ribbon (aka, the Dark Portal) and passed into Outland. Vili and Freezedealer quickly followed taking respective second and third place. I managed to pull fourth, and the stragglers (except for Falowin, who was in WPL at this point) began to trickle in one by one.

While waiting there I’m sure we drew a few questions from the various 50s and 60s that crossed through the portal into Outland. How often is it you see a pack of level 2 and 3s just hanging out there?

At one point a demon ran up the steps and caused a minor panic, thinking he was coming for us. Once he passed someone, everyone opened fire, but obviously didn’t do much of a scratch. As Antigen said, “where was the defense on that?!”

Once the rest of the close-by stragglers came by, I took a picture and we called it a night.

I hope everyone who participated had fun. I personally had a blast, and was immensely relieved the results seemed by the books. One more game to go!

8 Comments to “The game is afoot… race”

  1. Lara 31 August 2010 at 1:17 pm #

    I love it! This is like the Horde version of the Great Gnomish Death Race (“race a naked level 1 Gnome from Dun Morogh to Stormwind”), but I think your route might have been even worse! :)
    Lara’s last blog ..Bait and Switch My ComLuv Profile

  2. Shathus 31 August 2010 at 1:28 pm #

    Is it wrong that my first thought was to take the translocation orb from SMC to UC. If you can take the Zeph to STV I think that should be allowed :)

    • Rhidach
      31 August 2010 at 2:32 pm #

      Haha, I had to specifically disallow that. A lot of people thought of that too.

  3. Joe Ego 31 August 2010 at 1:49 pm #

    SW corner of Ghostlands with a swim / coast run to the beach below Scarlet Monastery? Does that even work with the TBC zone portal mechanic?

    Did anyone try Terrorweb Tunnel?

    Something for your back pocket:

    • Rhidach
      31 August 2010 at 2:31 pm #

      Spirit Healing was disallowed, and I don’t think you can swim from Ghostlands to SM. No one tried it, at least.

      One guy did try Terrorweb Tunnel and it did not work out well for him. He quit about ten minutes in.

      • Joe Ego 31 August 2010 at 3:39 pm #

        I agree on the Spirit Healing, but you might still save some time corpse running with a well planned route.

  4. Saunder 31 August 2010 at 6:09 pm #

    See, as you are all Horde filth … Uh, play the Horde side :), It would be much much more challenging to do a similar length trip in unfamiliar Alliance lands :) Lets say Darn –>Theramore :)
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    • Rhidach
      2 September 2010 at 2:46 pm #

      Haha, I was actually thinking Everlook to Gadgetzan for the next one.