A full quarter more badass

I love each time Garrosh manages to get his Warsong out a little louder. Last week we killed 5 of the twelve heroic fights, with multiple wipes on Festergut and Blood Queen. This week we one shot both of those, easily. Part of that was of course knowing the intricacies of the fight a little better after the kill, but another huge help was surely another 5% more awesome.

Not to mention all the delicious HPs! I wants them all.

Er, but moving on… To add to our plate, the schedule called for adding Heroic Princes and Dreamwalker. I was initially (hell, still am) concerned about the raid schedule this week ever since Tuesday was a no-go. We have a make up night scheduled for Sunday, but even so I was very worried my all-important goal of Heroic BQL or bust every week was out of reach if we didn’t get to her last night. Mostly because Sunday has the possibility of being iffy.

So after two wipes on heroic Blood Princes, Frank started whispering into my ear dark tidings and it being an hour away from raid end I was beginning to debate in officer chat if it made sense to kill Princes on normal to guarantee BQL being down this week. The other officers (rightly) told me to simmer down and we did another go.

And killed them that next attempt. Egg on ma face!

As we running up the ramp and clearing to BQL I noticed my ShoR icon was faded out. My shield was also unequipped. I immediately panicked, thinking I sold it or destroyed it by accident, and searched my bags for them. I looked up at the top of my screen and my durability number was at 44%.

Not able to find the shield, and in near full-blown panic, I opened my character sheet and saw the shield still equipped, but at 0/120 durability. All my gear was at 44% but my shield was completely broken. Ye gods.

I don’t know why I announce these things in vent. I’m just giving Anafielle fodder for her eventual coup.

Anyway, we briskly one-shot Heroic BQL, which was pretty impressive. Though, after my moment in the sun, any plain-jane kill just feels so… pedestrian. Loot dropped and it was basically a carbon copy of last week. Anafielle got the heroic token, another Dying Light went to another mage, and everyone else groaned. At one heroic token a week right now, these things are hot commodities.

With about thirty minutes left in raid, the lot of us dodged over to Dreamwalker to start plugging away on her heroic mode. We had a few abortive attempts with one of our best portal-jumping healers disconnecting, so didn’t get very far unfortunately. 10 server rolled around and the sun set on our second, and best, night in 25 heroic modes yet. Very exciting stuff, 6/12 in one night.

Now let’s hope Sunday happens!

8 Comments to “A full quarter more badass”

  1. Joanna 24 June 2010 at 12:54 pm #

    Briskly one-shooting Heroic BQL was my favorite part!!!!

  2. Antigen
    24 June 2010 at 1:29 pm #

    Dear God, 6/12 heroic in one night?! Quite impressive, and a big congratulations to you and your crew.

    Speaking of which, what are your raid nights? I’m going to really focus on leveling my heirloom-less, bag-deprived, dirt-poor pally on your server now, with the hopes of downing some heroic bosses with ya!

    • Rhidach
      24 June 2010 at 1:39 pm #

      Tues/Wed 6:30-10 server time (central time). We welcome all fabulous refugees! (I suppose I can do the Light’s work and kick you some gold so you don’t have to eat dirt to get mana back, or use Rank 1 Consecrate until lvl 50.)

      • Antigen
        24 June 2010 at 1:51 pm #

        It’s quite alright, it takes me back not having all those things these kids these days take for granted. This way, I can walk uphill in the snow both ways to get to level 80.

        I’ll have to see if I can show up a half hour late to our 25m’s (what’s left of them, anyway) on Wednesdays, but otherwise that schedule sounds amazing.

        I would just transfer my pally, but I’d feel a bit bad for doing it to almost the exact same people AGAIN.
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        • Rhidach
          24 June 2010 at 2:00 pm #

          That’s ok, we don’t technically have a raid spot for new melee right now. Maybe in a month if a few burn outs happen, but this is definitely a good time to get building a toon.

          Will you at least let me ride around you and rain /pokes upon you while you try to level?

          Update: Although, honestly, I’d make room. It’s up to you man! :)

          • Antigen
            24 June 2010 at 2:19 pm #

            Oh no worries, I’m looking long-term here… I really want to have it leveled within 2 weeks (since I have the next week and a half off work), but I’m not sure how feasible that is, especially sans heirlooms.

            And as long as you direct some of those /pokes to incoming Alliance trying to gank me, and by /pokes I mean /pokewithswords, then sure, I’ll allow you in my presence.

            Just one thing: none of that e-RP I witnessed yesterday outside of Falconwing Square. Creeeeeeeeeeepy.
            Antigen’s last blog ..Heroic Ruby Sanctum Retribution Gearing: Even Moar ArP! My ComLuv Profile

          • Rhidach
            24 June 2010 at 2:26 pm #

            Well, if your 25man completely collapses be sure to let me know. Like I said, room can be found, especially for someone already working on hardmodes. Either way long term, this can definitely be your new home!

            (Also, what I do in Falconwing in my off-time is no one’s business.)

  3. Lightknight 25 June 2010 at 7:36 am #

    Congratz! A few more weeks of practice and you clear 11/12 Hardmodes in 3 hours (like us) :)