Beyond my wildest dreams

Last night was the easiest, smoothest, fastest, and all around best night we have ever had in Icecrown Citadel. I don’t know if something was in the water, or if everyone took their vitamins that morning, or if Anafielle and Valja brought over some powerful mojo with them from their last guild. Either way, something clicked and it was amazing.

First pull was at 6:36 server time, six minutes late, but we made up for it by chain pulling to Marrowgar and keeping a good pace going. After that we basically just steamrolled our way through and up to Saurfang, eventually reaching the first designated break at 7:21 server time.

When everyone was back, the pain train started up again and we burnt through Dreamwalker (where I scored the Grinning Skull Greatboots, finally) and then on to the Blood Wing. The weekly raid quest was for BQL, which had since eluded us. And, by eluded I mean we’ve gotten the quest a few times, just never completed it. The raid always insisted on a few “shaking off the rust wipes” to keep my blood pressure at a healthy level.

Once everyone was there we were off to the races. Minimal marks on the pre-Council trash, just enough to focus down the tacticians one by one. Council was dropped with no trouble, and then we shot up the steps to pull the Blood Queen. The first go was a last second wipe, thanks to losing a dps to a mind control (who, thanks to lag, somehow still managed to get his bite off, though) and a mis-timed Blood Lust. No matter, we quickly regrouped and then downed her with complete ease the second go, managing to snag the weekly quest in the process.

It was now 8:21, a full hour after Saurfang was down, and we were making fantastic time. Off to Plague Wing.

For Festergut, Anafielle and I had an arrangement where I’d get to kite the Rotface ooze if she got to tank Festergut first. I acquiesced and was helpless to stop her relentless march to shaming the dps on that boss. When we switched my devious plan was to call for blust at my 9-stack portion and post a higher spike than her. Unfortunately, hubris got the best of me, and like some trashy Bond villain I taunted her in vent, “and once I get to nine stacks I’ll have blood lust! And then–Wait! No! I didn’t call for–” BLAARGGLAARGAARRGGHH “Nyoooo!!”

She ended up posting some ridiculous dps and apparently scored the 32nd place on the prot pally Festergut rankings. Not too shabby!

Nonetheless, the rest of Plague Wing was fairly uneventful. We steamrolled Rotface, then Putricide as well, posting our cleanest kill yet. When Herr Doktor bit the dust, it was 9 server time, an hour left to go in the raid. Good god, I suddenly realized, we had time to do Sindragosa that night.

So, as we headed over to the Frostwing Halls again we did our best to dash any optimism Ana/Valja might have been feeling after our two and half hour 10/12 marathon. Sindragosa was no where near on farm, we’d probably be coming back tomorrow to finish the job after some aforementioned rust-shaking wipes.

Imagine my surprise when at 10:42 I found myself staring at the corpse of Sindragosa. We two-shot her, after spending an entire raid night on her the week before.

And to top it all off, we have an entire night to spend on Arthas now. Three and half hours of Lich King. Glorious.

Last night was definitely one our best raid nights ever, and succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. I hope those successes are foreshadowing of a Lich King kill tonight.

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  1. Hana
    19 May 2010 at 1:07 pm #

    That’s awesome! Good luck with the Lich King!

    And LOL at the premature Bloodlust. My guild has a shaman that also has a tendency to respond to the word no matter the context and even if it’s not the right time to use it. We give him crap about it sometimes. :)
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    • Rhidach
      19 May 2010 at 1:19 pm #

      Thanks! I think we’ve got him tonight. :)

  2. Orthien
    19 May 2010 at 1:30 pm #

    Grats on the quick smooth run and GL on Arthus tomorrow.

  3. saif 20 May 2010 at 10:59 am #

    Good nights are good! Sounds like you have a hell of a team there. :)

    ICC seemed determined to keep us at bay this week, when the entire Battlegroup’s instance servers went down and I amused the raid with a few BGs while we waited and the servers came back up with just an hour and change left in our raid time. Managed to clear through Putricide, so if we can clear through Sindi in an hour and change tonight, maybe we’ll get some licks into Arthas.

    With the amount of loot being DE’d, I’m wondering if I should just extend a raid lockout at this point…
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  4. Vili 20 May 2010 at 11:36 am #

    Hey Rhi…multiple people even said you called for BL. What I heard in vent was Ana talking then your voice come up and say “Bloodlust” and right asI released the click you reacted even before the enrage of everyone…it was too late…so for that BL. I blame Rhidach. Besides, we both know its a crutch. I mean popping it during air phase on Sindragosa and still dropped her that attempt :P

  5. Anafielle
    20 May 2010 at 12:21 pm #

    Rhidach didn’t explain how I mercilessly tricked him into calling BL. Here is the story….

    I have bribed Rhidach into letting me be first tank by promising him slime kiting on Rotface, so I tank Fester first. I notice that Hero/BL doesn’t get popped at the start, so I figure it will be popped after the tank swap.

    The tank swap occurs. I hit my RF cancel macro & hand of salv, watch my threat drop, and wait for hero/BL. It doesn’t come. Then I remember Rhi had said something on twitter about foiling my plans & calling for hero very, very late, when HE had 9 stacks.

    Jerkface!! I pop wings and decide to call him out on vent. “Soooo… When are we getting hero? Is it coming?”

    That’s when everyone started to laugh at me. It takes me a sec to realize that I’m horde now and I’ve used the wrong term.

    “It’s not heroism, it’s bloodlust.” says Rhi. “Oh fuck. No! Don’t pop it! Nooooooooooo!”

    …. Thank you, shammy with a quick hero (oops, I mean BL) trigger finger! Thanks to you, I posted 8.4k! :D

  6. Anafielle
    20 May 2010 at 12:45 pm #

    Yep vili, you are totally right. He did say the word bloodlust (a few times), and in fact a ton of people were saying it – but it was totally my fault because I called it hero and people were correcting me.

    I’ll have to remember that trick next time. :)

    I really love first tanking Fester 25. Totally meaningless in terms of tanking, but I have sooo much fun playing with my threat set on that fight.

    I tanked it on Tuesday in a compromise of a threat set. I keep several pieces of armor gear including The Cat & one armor trinket. Otherwise, the set I use is hitcapped with very high expertise & includes Bloodvenom Blade, DMC:G, and the Ret +str libram.

    It’s just fun. I am always a tank at heart, but it’s fun to pretend like I’m a DPS sometimes. :)

  7. Vili 20 May 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    Anything I can do to make Rhi’s life that much harder ;-)

  8. iamapaladin
    20 May 2010 at 4:03 pm #